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Sorry, can you come back later? I'm a bit busy. ...Fine. I'm Vincent, one of the farmers in Silver Town. If hat's all you wanted to hear, you can leave.


*arches eyebrow* A bet, you say? I do enjoy the occasional game of chance, yes; however, at this point I have nothing to wager. I can’t afford to lose what little money I have — hence why I’m here at your farm — and offering one of my artifacts for a lowly bet would be sacrilege. *adjusts glasses* That said being said, if it’s a challenge you are offering then my honor as an archaeologist is reluctant to refuse. What sort of terms are you considering? If they’re fair and won’t result in me living out of a box for the rest of my life, I may take you up on the offer. 

*Scoffs* Oh please. Like I want your pathetic excuse you call money and whatever artifacts you have in your possession. Besides, I’m not cruel enough to take away your only means of surviving. Come on, Amelia, you should know me better than that.

… *coughs*

A drinking game. Simple as that. We’ll start off with a simple ‘have you ever’ and then drink for no reason to see who can handle it the best. … A bit plain, but I didn’t say it was going to be extravagant.

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Hm? Oh, you heard that? Haha I wouldn’t say it’s an assumption anyway, more so than an educated guess based on existing evidence. *straightens up, brushing dirt off her pant legs* Obvious physical differences aside, based on our working together of late I’ve noticed that you share a surprising amount similarities with Harrison, Vincent; thus, I hypothesized your reaction to alcohol would be about the same as his: absolutely hilarious. *chuckles at the idea* Of course, I’m an archaeologist, not a scientist. It’s nothing more than a little work jest. Pay me no heed.

*Narrows his eyes at her* Well, you weren’t exactly quiet about it. If you want to hide what you’re saying, then learn to speak quietly. Some might appreciate it. *Growls* Do you care to make a bet then, Amelia? You like games, don’t you? You might like this one.

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Oh, in my years of adventuring underground, exploring tombs, and handling an irritable shovel, I assure you I’ve tasted more than my fair share of dirt. I prefer the tropical variety, to be honest. Less bitter. *stands up and brushes snow off her coat* Less cold, too. 

*nods* I suppose you’re right about that. This season does bring a little…variety with it. Certainly makes one crave hot chocolate, too. *begins muttering to herself as she makes her way further down the line of crops, stepping as gingerly as she can around them* Yes, maybe I’ll buy some of that tonight. I should have some extra money. If I don’t, I still have that bottle of wine. That’ll warm anyone up. Might work on Harrison, now that I think of it. He’s never one to turn down alcohol. *stops and looks over at Vincent* Might work on someone else too, unless it just makes him even more disagreeable. Like peas in a pod, these two.

*He snorted, despite himself* Is that so? Well, I’ll be sure to find some and have it set aside especially for you.

*Raises an eyebrow as she looked at him* Are you implying that alcohol would work well on me? Truthfully. Amelia, I have no idea about what you’re talking about. 

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*smirks, glad that the town, and its inhabitants, hadn’t changed in the slightest since she had been gone* “Haha oh come now, Vincent. If I could actually afford that, do you think I would have dragged myself all the way out here?”

*sets the watering can down for a second and rubs her hands together* “I agree with the calf; this season is good for causing problems and colds and not much else.” *crouches to brush snow away from a sprouting vegetable of some sort* That said though, these crops seem perfectly happy. If only we could all have their patience and durability in this kind of weather.

No. No, I guess not.

*Snorts* For you. Maybe you should learn to build an immune system. Eat dirt or something. *Closes his mouth before he says something else and goes back to watering the crops* Hm. That would be good. Unfortunately, if that was the case, the world would be easier… but I guess it would be more boring around here.

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*chuckles and rolls her eyes* “Well, I’ll give you that one, but only because Harrison has been pretty quiet these past few days.” *looks over at the crops, then takes some old gloves out of her coat pockets and puts them on*  

"Oh, already? Excellent! The more of a sweat I work up out here, the less I’ll have to freeze standing around in the Town Square." *shuffles off to find an extra watering can, then sets about taking care of the other crops as best as she can*

"How is the new calf?" *calls over to Vincent, legitimately wondering about the calf and blatantly ignoring Vincent’s earlier jab at her being talkative* "A few months old now, right? This cold must be tough on a little one like that." 

Then maybe I shouldn’t let you help. You can afford to freeze being out there. *Grins, finding humor in his own joke*

The calf is fine. She’ll start to produce her own milk soon, so it isn’t as bad. She certainly doesn’t seem to like it more than the others. I always have to push her out last just so it won’t cause too much of a scene. *Quickly closes his mouth, realizing he’s rambling*

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whimsicalnotion:"Afternoon, Vincent! Sorry for the, uh, rather lengthy time I was away. Received an unexpected letter that required I return to my hometown for a bit. Rather tricky business, it was haha."



*Drums his fingers on the watering can in his hand* You left? I barely noticed. I should have known something was up when it was suddenly quiet. *Rubs his nose and goes back to watering his crops* Well, welcome back, I guess.

*laughs* “Never thought I’d be pegged as the loud one in my life; that honor usually goes to Harrison. Anyway, it is good to be back. Let me know if there is extra work to be done. Provided I haven’t been ‘fired’, that is.”

*Huffs* Truthfully, with how quiet Harrison is compared to you, I think I just might prefer him. *Looks at her over his shoulder then motion to the crops* You can help water them. I haven’t been able to get to them due to the snow. They could use a bit of water.

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whimsicalnotion:"Afternoon, Vincent! Sorry for the, uh, rather lengthy time I was away. Received an unexpected letter that required I return to my hometown for a bit. Rather tricky business, it was haha."

*Drums his fingers on the watering can in his hand* You left? I barely noticed. I should have known something was up when it was suddenly quiet. *Rubs his nose and goes back to watering his crops* Well, welcome back, I guess.

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seat-yourself:*Grinds her teeth.* It matters cause you've got it easy while people like me get locked out of their houses and are practically homeless now. *Rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.*

*Frowns before giving her a mock smile* Hey, do you hear that? *He cups his ear, listening* That’s the sound of me not giving a damn. If you’re homeless, take it up with those who kicked you out. It’s sure ain’t my problem.

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marielledubois:In the farm's mailbox, a little packet of tomato seeds sits next to a small note. "Hello! Please return these seeds to the earth and bear their fruit with pride and joy at your work. You have a lovely farm, and I will certainly visit to meet you face-to-face if you will have me! I wish the highest blessings upon your land. - With kindness, Marielle Dubois"

He stared at the note, raising an eyebrow at the new seeds he had now acquired. Shrugging, he crumbled the note and shoved it into his pocket. He got something free out of it so Vincent didn’t care. If this… Marielle Dubois came by, though, he would have to send her away.

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He continued to watch her as she struggled to open the bottle. It was quite humorous. At the same time though, he felt bad for doing this to her. He knew that her arm wasn’t up to par without it’s double. Now here she was struggling to open the most simplest thing. Vincent reached out and took the bottle when she offered it to him. It was only a few seconds before he opened it.

“Here,” he responded with a huff. 

Feeling more and more useless, Amelia could do nothing else but observe as Vincent easily opened the medication.

"Ah, haha. So the cap is supposed to turn that way.” She nodded. “I see, I see. They, uh, they must be manufacturing them differently these days.”

The scholar took two pills from the bottle and popped them into her mouth as if they were some sort of candy. She had gotten used to taking medication without water during her days in the field, though the taste was something she could never quite conquer, and Amelia grimaced and coughed and shook her head a few times before it eventually cleared.

"Agh, thank you, Vincent. Ahem, well then. I shan’t be taking up any more of your time. I will see you… as soon as you have work available?" 

She had to stay hopeful, especially with her paycheck in jeopardy.

" ‘Ta, then. On the morrow, as they say!" 

But since Amelia couldn’t go anywhere without an incident these days, the moment she spun around and headed out the front door, she misjudged the distance between her and the door frame and — much like one would with an already-stubbed toe or other injured body part — smacked her bad arm right into the trim. 

Had she not slapped a hand over her mouth, the scholar would have then yelped something most vulgar, and she simply couldn’t have that; she was proud of her extensive vocabulary, though it was trying at times to keep certain words out of it. So, she simply laughed it off and gave a weak, halfhearted wave back to Vincent in some shoddy attempt to reassure the farmer, and then started off on her way with a new sort of… hobble to her walk.

"Hm. Whatever excuse you want to make for it." Vincent watched as she took the pills dry and grimaced. How anyone could do such a thing was beyond him. The thought of doing something like that made him gay. He swallowed whatever saliva he could, just to relieve the ache in his throat. Nodding, he crossed his arms. "Alright. I’ll be sure to tell you. See you tomorrow."

Before he could even walk off to finish cleaning, he witnessed her smashing her arm on the door frame. If watching her take a pill dry was bad, this was just a nightmare. He narrowed his eyes and his mouth twisted into a frown. There was no way that that had to be pleasant. Looking at Amelias face, he was surprised to se her brushing it off. No, surely she was in pain.

Even if she wasn’t, his morals wouldn’t let him let her walk home. Scowling and growling, he followed her and grabbed her good arm. Come on, you imbecile. I’m walking your dumb ass home.”

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